Precision Rifle Expo

Take your Best Shot

Take your Best Shot

Take your Best ShotTake your Best Shot

2020 Event dates


The 2020 Precision Rifle Expo will be held September 26-27, 2020, at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, GA.

The 2019 Precision Rifle Expo


What is the Precision Rifle Expo?

A collection of the top manufacturers and collective talent for all things related to long range precision rifle shooting. The host location is one of the premier long range shooting facilities in the Southeastern US -  Arena Training Facility. This location provides a unique opportunity to see the top equipment used by the best shooters in the country, where attendees can participate in seminars providing valuable education and try out this equipment at many of the on-site long distance ranges. In addition, if you like what you see, many of the exhibitors will be offering their products for sale on-site. 

The Precision Rifle Expo is open to the public.


The Best of the Best

We have invited the best manufacturers to showcase their products, provide training and instruction on how to use this equipment, and give you the opportunity to try it on ranges out to 2300 yards. 


Specialized Training

Interested in learning the basics of handloading, the art of reading wind and mirage, position building and other specific skill sets related to hitting tiny targets at long distances? Come to the Precision Rifle Expo to learn more. 


The 2018 Precision Rifle Expo

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