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Class Schedule

Precision Reloading - Sat 9am, 1pm. Sun 9am, 12:30pm

Wind Reading - Sat 11am, 3pm. Sun 9am, 12:30pm

Kestrel - Sat 11am, 3pm. Sun 9am, 12:30pm

ELR Class - Sat 10am, 2pm. Sun 9am, 12:30pm

Fundamentals - Sat 9am, 1pm. Sun 9am, 12:30pm

Rifle Maintenance - Sat 11am, 3pm. Sun  11am, 2pm

Precision Rifle Expo Educational Course Opportunities

Precision Handloading

Instructor: Troy Lawton, Director of Ballistics for the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU).


Understanding reloading, perhaps one of the single most complicated discussions and debates outside of ballistics, often proves challenging for even veteran precision rifle shooters who constantly try to absorb new information and developments in reloading components and equipment. To help you understand reloading, we asked the man behind the ballistics lab for over 30+ years at Fort Benning, and the Director of Ballistics for the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU), to come back again this year and provide courses for our attendees... Troy Lawton. Troy hand loads and tests precision rifle ammunition and firearms every day, and his experience from shooting competitively with the US Shooting Team to multiple NRA High Power categories including Match and Service Rifle, make his knowledge on the subject both immense and extremely valuable to precision rifle shooters looking to either learn how to reload or to just maximize and better their current reloading methods. Troy's courses will include but not be limited to:

  • Choosing the right components, bullet selection, and understanding twist rate.
  • Brass preparation including sizing, priming, etc.  
  • Understanding your comparators, gauges, and properly measuring.
  • How to do load development, and understanding factors such as muzzle velocity, standard deviation, extreme spread, etc.
  • Finding and understanding accuracy nodes for your precision rifle.

Annealing Made Perfect will also have an AMP Mark II on hand during the course, and be available in their booth before and after to answer any questions attendees have on induction annealing, and the benefits of induction annealing over other annealing methods. 

Wind Reading

Instructor: Emil Praslick 

from Berger Bullets

Perhaps the single greatest adversary to any precision rifle shooter, reading wind and understanding the winds influence on a bullet’s trajectory remains one of the single greatest challenges to any long-range shooter. So, we’re bring back one of the best wind coaches in the world to help you understand wind, Emil Praslick with Berger Bullets, Lapua, & Vihtavuori Powders. Emil is well known in the long-range precision rifle game. A former head coach of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU), wind coach for the Applied Ballistics LLC Extreme Long Range Shooting Team, head coach for two U.S. National Long Range Rifle Teams, and with over 30+ years of experience and accolades, Emil will be returning again to the Precision Rifle Expo this year. He’ll be giving multiple courses, both Saturday and Sunday, on “Wind Reading,” and helping you to better understand and implement strategies for dealing with wind. Attendees will learn and discuss several key topics for the course, that include:

  • Understanding the mechanisms of wind drift and its influence on the bullet trajectory
  • Techniques for recognition and determination of wind speed and direction
  • What is the wind worth? Arriving at the cold bore wind hold
  • Strategies of wind management and target engagement

Vortex Optics has also stepped up, and graciously offered to bring plenty of glass for students to look through during the course, giving you the full visual experience.

Precision Rifle Maintenance

Instructor: Jesse Rambo from Bore Tech

Come join Bore Tech for The Precision Rifle Maintenance Seminar as we take an in depth look at the recommended procedures to properly clean and maintain today’s precision long range rifles.

This class will be a hands-on, live demonstration providing proper cleaning and maintenance techniques while discussing current topics such as barrel break-in, cleaning frequency and proper

gear selection.

During our time we will dispel the many “myths” of gun cleaning and try to shed light on what it truly takes to keep your precision rifle accurate and performing at its peak.

Care and maintenance of the following areas to be discussed:

  • Action
  • Barrels
  • Chambers
  • Muzzle Brakes
  • Barrel Throats
  • Suppressors

Come see why Bore Tech products continue to be the #1 choice for today’s top shooters who quite simply want...the best.

Kestrel® Ballistics Operation

Instructors: Katie Godfrey & Austin Wilcox from Kestrel Ballistics

Kestrel Ballistics Weather Meters, the weather meter chosen and trusted by precision rifle shooters around the world for their extreme ruggedness and dependable performance, would like to help you better understand and utilize your Kestrel to maximize your shooting experience and long-range accuracy. During the Precision Rifle Expo, Kestrel Ballistics will give attendees an opportunity during two separate courses each day, to learn and operate either the Kestrel 5700 Elite with Applied Ballistics®, or the Kestrel 5700 with the new Hornady 4DOF®, with demo units being supplied for participants to use during the course. 

Katie Godfrey from Kestrel will discuss, demonstrate, and assist course attendees with...

  • Setting up your precision rifle profile in the Kestrel 5700 Elite with Applied Ballistics
  • Properly and precisely truing your unit, and why it's important
  • How to use the Range Card and Target Card features in the Kestrel 5700 for precision rifle competition stages, or simply setting up in the field and waiting for game
  • Using the Kestrel to get exact holds on moving targets, particularly when engaging movers during long range competition rifle matches
  • Attendee questions and various other topics that arise during the course of instruction.

Austin Wilcox from Kestrel will cover Kestrel's latest offering, the Hornady 4DOF, which will include...

  • Setting up your precision rifle profile in the Kestrel 5700 with Hornady 4DOF
  • Explaining axial form factor and zero angle.
  • And various other topics and design questions about 4DOF.

Both Kestrel and Applied Ballistics will also be on hand at their exhibitor booths, to assist in answering any questions that you may have before and after the course regarding their products.

Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Instructor: Jacob Bynum 

from Rifles Only:

RIFLES ONLY, Inc., a premier training facility outside of Kingsville, Texas, provides superior training and instruction to an array of shooters, from long range precision rifle competitors to military and law enforcement agencies honing their abilities in rifle and combat carbine and handgun marksmanship. Natural point of aim, sight picture, breathing, trigger control, and follow through are not just words at Rifles Only, but an ideology that every new student and/or seasoned veteran will leave with a comprehensive and better understanding of these fundamentals of marksmanship. Fundamentals are an integral part of every course at Rifles Only from day one, and at the helm of Rifles Only and "Fundamentalism," is Jacob Bynum.

Jacob over the course of 20+ years has educated and instructed precision rifle shooters and other instructors, at all levels of shooting experience, in everything from fundamentals to intermediate and advanced shooting techniques. He also has hosted and continues to host precision rifle shooting competitions, with competitors from around the globe attending and experiencing what has become known as some of the most challenging courses of fire for competitive shooters. It is for these reasons that the Precision Rifle Expo is pleased to announce Jacob as this year's instructor for our Fundamentals of Marksmanship class. Jacob's abilities to instruct at any level, and his understanding of precision rifle shooting and fundamentals being unparalleled, make him the perfect choice for educating and giving our attendees a powerful experience and insight to precision rifle shooting.

Intro to ELR

Instructor: Chase Stroud with the

Applied Ballistics ELR Team


Gaining increasing popularity,  Extreme Long Range (ELR) precision rifle shooting and the science and innovation of precision rifles and rifle accessories to facilitate engaging and impacting targets at greater and greater distances, along with the nuances of this emerging and growing sport, continue to present questions for many precision rifle shooters looking to participate and test the most outer extreme limits of ballistics and long range shooting. Wanting to match our Precision Rifle Expo courses, with the top level of innovation and advanced manufacturers exhibiting, we are pleased to announce a new course to this year's Expo, and a new instructor... Intro to ELR, presented by Applied Ballistics ELR Team shooter and Instructor, Chase Stroud. Chase has an extensive history in competitive rifle shooting from the PRS to ELR, winning almost a dozen precision rifle matches, and placing in the Top 5 in nearly two dozen more across the country. As one of the top instructors in ELR, and a 100% success rate at getting his students on 2 mile targets, Chase was the perfect choice for us to instruct attendees on ELR. Topics that Chase will cover within the Intro to ELR courses include...

  • ELR gear selection, from calibers to bullets to scopes and everything in between.
  • Understanding the importance of fundamentals and repeatability behind the rifle.
  • Correctly using and understanding your ballistic solver (inputs and solutions),  letting science do the heavy lifting.
  • Understanding wind in an ELR environment, importance of direction, and terrain and the terrain's influence on ELR shooting.
  • Why a good spotter and communication with your spotter is vital, and how to develop that communication.
  • Back to fundamentals and the follow through, seeing splash at extreme long distances. 

Following the courses, Chase and other members at Applied Ballistics will be available to assist in answering other ELR and ballistic questions, along with numerous exhibitors who also participate in ELR.  

Applied Ballistics Device Setup & Personalized Drag Models

 Instructors: Bryan Litz & Chris Wiencke from Applied Ballistics

As  modern long range shooting has progressed with advancements in accurate  trajectory prediction, so has the complexity and necessity of  understanding the science and inputs required to correctly build a gun  profile. Short range setup is one of the most fundamentally important  activities to enable successful trajectory prediction and target  engagement at longer ranges.

Mix  short range setup with some science, a Doppler Radar and the Mobile  Laboratory, and you have a winning combination of accurate ballistic  solver inputs. Chris and Bryan practically demonstrate short range scope  calibration, muzzle velocity measurement, and ballistic solver input  collection processes. This instruction will be accompanied by live  fire measuring of bullet drag using Doppler Radar, followed by an  explanation of how the raw data is finalized into a Personalized Drag  Model and integrated into the AB Connect Bullet Library. Instruction  will include:

  • Short range setup & collection of gun profile input parameters
  • Tall target test scope calibration & muzzle velocity measurement
  • Measuring bullet drag with the latest technological advancements
  • Using G standards, Custom Drag Models & Personalized Drag Models
  • Future of trajectory prediction

Discover  how to optimize your gun profile inputs and what is involved behind the  scenes to capture the science contained within a handheld ballistic  solver. Come visit the team at the AB Mobile Lab and learn about  the science of accuracy.

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